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We hire well trained, fit crews who share our hardworking values and work ethic. Our goal is to finish the job to customer satisfaction while holding safety as our number one priority.

PGA Co. offers a wide range of professional services:

Cooling Water Treatment

Our comprehensive cooling water treatment program consists of Corrosion Inhibition, Scale Inhibition and Biocide control complemented by continuous monitoring and evaluation of the system

Boiler Water Treatment

The major problems in the functioning of the boiler systems are both Corrosion and Deposition. Their effects are Scaling and Sludging, which lead to elevated metal temperature causing failures in tubes and restricted steam generation.

Membrane Separation Systems

Membranes in any membrane separation system are the heart of the plant and the process. The performance of an RO / UF membrane can be impaired by impurities that foul the membrane suface during operation.

Raw Water and Waste Water Treatment

Water used in commercial and industrial applications is a crucial component in practically all processes. Raw/makeup water quality varies based on different sources of water, namely sea, lakes, rivers, groundwater etc.

Industrial Chemical Cleaning

Cleaning programs include Precleaning and Passivation. Both these processes are a critical preparatory component of commissioning activity before taking plant units and equipment online.

Pipeline Preservation

During the processes of hydro testing and preservation with water, assets begin to corrode. The corrosion is both Electro-chemical as well as Microbiologically Induced Corrosion.

Boiler Installation and Commissioning

Fire Tube , Water Tube and HRSG Boilers | Dearators | Condensate | Softeners | Blow Down | BMS

Chiller Installation and Commissioning

Absorption , Screw Chillers | Cooling Towers | Skid Pumps | Heat Exchangers

AHU Installation and Ducting

Industrial and Hygienic Air Handling Unit | Filtering System | BMS

Fire Fighting System

Wet and Dry Fire Fighting | Storage Tanks | Booster Pumps | Aerosol | Hydrant

Water , Fuel and Gas Piping

PE, Carbon Steel , Alloy Steel , Stainless Steel, High Pressure and High Temperature Piping.

Monitoring and Controling System

Power, MCC Control Panels enclosed with Monitoring and Controling System

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