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Design & Engineering Services include Feasibility Studies ,Scope Definition, Pre project Surveys, Detailed Engineering, Process Simulation, System Integration, Finalizing General Technical Particulars (G.T.P) of various equipments required for the project, As built drawing & document preparation, Preparation of Electrical Protection Coordination, Scheduling of Bill of Quantities (B.O.Q)


Procurement Services include Quality Assurance, Delivery Scheduling, Logistics, Materials Management, Vendor base creation, Vendor selection and rating, Vendor Quality and Manufacturing Quality Assurance Plan, Purchasing, Sourcing, Warehousing .


Construction Services include Resource Management, Field Mobilization, Project Programming, Monitoring with critical path method and achievement completion within the scheduled completion period, Project construction as per the field quality plan, keeping high standard of quality for every installation, Project safety , Testing and Commissioning, Plant Readiness, Systems Integration, Validation and Certification.

PM Services

Our plant maintenance services include professional advice and planning, quality workmanship and the highest standards of safety. Maintaining your equipment and instituting regularly scheduled preventative maintenance can ensure equipment reliability and longevity. We can provide a superior plant maintenance plan and schedule that works for your unique needs.

Our Work Culture

We are constantly working to make our services as efficient and straightforward as possible.

By focusing on innovation and optimisation, we continue to represent a link that adds value in the logistics chain. Further more, we use our various service concepts and business solutions to ensure that you can give your own work your full attention. As your partner, we want to make a direct contribution to the efficiency and profitability of your company, because if you are successful, we are successful as well. It's that simple. There is no substitute for good old hard work.
The most intelligent men have not achieved their full potential or failed because they always looked for the shortcut to success. In order to succeed in life, we have to give our sweat and blood to the task and we should never look at any work as too low to be done by us.


We work in three sectors

Water Treatment Chemicals

Water conditioning chemical services for boilers and cooling towers and etc

Mechanical and HVAC

Providing EPC services for electrical , machanical and HVAC sytem

Cleanroom and Aseptic

Providing EPC services for industrial and pharmaceutical projects.

Consulting and Design Services

Consulting services, design engineering and execution of food , beverage , steel, cement, water and waste water, oil, gas and petrochemical projects. Undertaking feasibility studies, simulation work, computerized plans, programs and proposals. Study and preparation of procedures and instructions for mechanical installation, construction, commissioning, start-up, and trouble-shooting.


PGA has developed and implemented procedures for planning and making schedules up to Level 4, establishing progress measurement methodologies, monitoring the project progress, developing lookahead schedules, shortfall analysis, catch-up schedules, progress reporting etc.


Generally, Residual Basic Engineering is done for utility and offsite areas or open-air process units. PGA has done Residual Basic Engineering in almost all its projects.


During FEED Phase, most of the parameters related to equipment, piping, structure etc. are frozen for arriving at Project Design basis and a rough Project investment cost is evaluated.


It is a systematic progression from Process Design and Selection of Mechanical Equipment, to detailing of Control Equipment & Electrical Supply requirements and Structural design.


At PGA , we provide Quality & Cost – Effective Procurement Services for all our projects within the given time schedule; using our vast database comprising of reputed Iranian & International vendors.

Construction Services

PGA is entrusted with the key activities, involving translation of the physical manifestation of design, meeting all the safety and quality standards within the agreed time schedule of the project.

Affordable Chemical Products

Water Conditioning and Treatment Chemicals

Boiler Chemicals


  • Oxygen Scavenger
  • Condensate Treatment
  • Anti scale Chemicals
  • Anti Corrosion Chemicals
  • Acid Corrosion inhibitors
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Cooling System

®Ultracool Series

  • Anti scale & Anti Corrosion
  • Non-oxidizing biocides and slimicides
  • Silt and sludge dispersants
  • Biodispersants
  • Oil dispersants
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Other Chemicals


  • Antiscalants & Antifoulants
  • Non Oxidizing Biocides
  • Sodium Meta Bisulfite
  • Membrane Cleaning Chemicals
  • ION Exchange Resins
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We add value by taking the initiative, being creative, always breaking new ground, and leading the way for a better future.

For us, customer focus means having a close relationship with our customers, speaking their language, offering support in person and always looking for solutions. As a strategic partner, we support our customers and suppliers with our expertise, technical knowledge, solutions and services. We help and contribute to the success and profitability of your company.

Structure and Plantfrom Design

Piping and Instrument Design

AHU and Ducting Design

PGA Targets

Promote a spirit of cooperation, punctuality, discipline and efficiency with satisfaction the participation of all partners. Increase productivity through the use of resources, technology and new technologies.

We provide trustful and qualified sources all over the world and we meet the end user requirements and decline project costs by selecting proper product with competent price and reasonable delivery time

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Our duty towards you is to share our experience we're reaching in our work path with you.

17 October 2020

One stop services (OSS)

PGA provides a complete range of goods or services: Customer Requirement ; Raw Material Procurement ; Production Scheduling ; Quality Control ; Product Storage ; Logistic Delivery ; Customer Feedback that a customer might require.

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21 March 2021

HVAC service and maintenance division in PGA

PGA also has a fully automated fabrication facility to build your ductwork, plenums and drain pans for new construction, renovation, replacement or repair..

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06 May 2020

Cleanroom Validation In Our Projects

After cleanroom commissioning, we should validate the cleanroom system, and we must ensure the design of the facility is fit for its intended purpose.

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